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 PUGs - Pick Up Games

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PostSubject: PUGs - Pick Up Games   PUGs - Pick Up Games EmptyMon Apr 30, 2012 10:01 pm

Dear CGL Staff,

Project Blackout has been kind of slow and boring lately. I think creating rooms in your team speak for pugs might be a fun idea. Either that, or find some teams willing to allow people onto their teamspeak or ventrilo. The whole point behind this is to get the competitive blood flowing. If the competitive players were to be able to compete in fun games consistently they would be better equipped come time to compete in tournaments.

I will post this on other forums as well, but if you were to spread the word it would help. Main Server 2, Open Server 19 would be an ideal spot for these seeing as nobody ever goes to these. Just a heads up to all competitive players, if you are on check to see if anyone else is on and maybe we can get these things started.
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PUGs - Pick Up Games
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